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SINCE 1996, THIS ministry has grown, transformed and adapted to changing circumstances. It started with just "dad" and morphed into a family ministry as our four children gained interest and skills. We developed into Kistler Family Ministries, a proverbial "weekend-warrior" ministry. Then, things changed radically in 2003.
One of our past promo posters.
   The article to the left tells the story of how our family of six was recruited to become full-time traveling evangelists with The Salvation Army. We traveled and lived in an RV for eight months each year, delivering over 700 programs to nearly 50,000 people in seven years. But, children grow up, go to college and get married. Yes, the look of this ministry has changed over the years - but the message has not.

BESIDES MINISTERING WITH The Salvation Army, we have also partnered with a wide variety of other denominations: 

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     Assemblies of God
Baptist (many varieties)
Christian Missionary Alliance
Church of God (Anderson)
Evangelical Church
Free Methodist
Pilgrim Holiness
United Methodist
Various Independent

THE MINISTRY HISTORY link (to the right) is a six page snapshot which documents every program we have presented from our founding in 1996 through 2010. It includes ALL bookings by denomination, organization, missions groups, senior/youth centers, prisons, conferences, etc.
   Since moving to Springfield, MO in 2010 we are adapting to yet another new phase of this ministry and have enjoyed being Pulpit Partners with several area churches already. How may we partner with YOU?