Q: How much does hosting Pulpit Partners cost?
     Indirectly, this service may pay for itself - and perhaps more! The special chalk drawing created during each of our presentations or events will be left with your church and may be used for fund raising. Many people ask for these drawings following services and one of our chalk creations was sold via a silent auction for $1000! Why not make arrangements to sell yours this way to offset the usual honorarium?
     A quick Internet search reveals that typical pulpit supply honoraria range from $75 to $175 for a single service. We do not specify what this compensation should be. Some churches prefer to collect a special love offering for guest speakers. How you choose to handle this is your decision.
     We are based in Springfield, MO and request a travel allowance reflecting standard mileage rates. The first 25 miles are free.

Q: What are your credentials and denominational affiliation?
     In 1996 we began a traveling family ministry which partnered with a wide variety of denominations in the Northeast US. In addition to Bible college training and extensive pulpit supply work, we were recruited by the Salvation Army in 2003 to travel full-time as Territorial Evangelists. As part of that association, we completed a prescribed course of study through their College For Officer Training in 2007, and were ordained as clergy in 2008. In seven years serving as evangelists, we presented over 700 programs to approx 50,000 people and were privileged to witness nearly 2,500 souls surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.
     When we are not serving pastors like you, we attend the Church of the Nazarene, but Pulpit Partners is not affiliated with nor sponsored by any particular denomination. We are a para-church ministry designed to serve pastors via special meetings and pulpit supply - and the Body of Christ at large - wherever doors are opened to us.

Q: Why aren't you pastoring your own church?
     We did pastor a church for a while, and would still be doing that if it had been God's mission for us. Although we are ordained, our mission has always been slightly different than that of regular, full-time pastors. Our passion has never been to shepherd a SINGLE flock, but rather to serve and support MANY shepherds and their MANY flocks. Not only has God gifted us with the various talents and abilities to do this, He has also given us a purpose, passion, enthusiasm and desire to do it. This is our calling as well as our delight and joy.

Q: How can you fill my pulpit when our theologies might not mix in some areas?
     We understand very clearly those doctrinal distinctives which typically cause friction in the church and respect the boundaries which those distinctives imply. But we also understand that, in Christ's Body, we have much more in common than in opposition. Pulpit Partners sticks closely to those common areas of our Christian faith.

Q: What age group is Pulpit Partners designed for?
     We are family friendly and our material is designed for all ages. We believe that using the special talents & gifts which God has given us produces a better result. While this may not fit the typical "sermon preaching" model, we have witnessed its effectiveness over the years. As it has been said, "Preach the Gospel always, and if necessary, use words."
     Why not give your Children's Pastor & workers a break by combining all age groups together during our visit?

Q: How much notice do you need to fill my pulpit or schedule an event?
     If you are within 50 miles of Springfield, Missouri, and call us by Saturday noon, we can usually provide next-morning coverage - assuming we are not already committed elsewhere. Other kinds of events may need a bit more lead time. See our AVAILABILITY page which is continually updated.

Q: How many consecutive Sunday services can you fill for us?
     If the pastor is on vacation or ill, we normally provide pulpit supply for a single Sunday morning. If you have an extended pulpit opening (for whatever reason), we can help you for up to 2 months.

Q: Do you provide any kind of music too?
     We are not gifted as song leaders nor singers, but Jil does play a bit of piano and could cover an offertory or general hymn/chorus time if that is needed (and specifically requested ahead of time).

Q: Do you have promotional materials we can use in advance?
     Yes. This site has material you may download to use for informing your congregation about who we are or other promotion. See the RESOURCES page for both videos and print documents (ad slick, bulletin stuffer, mini poster, photos and a bio).

Q: Do you provide other entertainment-type programs for church banquets, parties, etc.?
A: Depending on the type of event, we can probably meet your needs. Remember, we specialize in presenting 30 minute thematic messages using chalk art, ventriloquism, comedy and other creative visual arts. A different honorarium structure may apply, but a free will offering is usually sufficient.